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July 2, 2008
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El Gran Capsupil by droguido El Gran Capsupil by droguido
Hace algún tiempo modele en maya una pildora como simple ejercicio, pero al final no supe como renderearla y hace poco tuve la idea de darle vida de nuevo, tons le agregue piernas, brazos, ojos y boca (y no de gomita precisamente), espero un dia de estos le creare algunos enemigos y una mejor composición, ya los tengo en mi mente, solo necesito.... TIEMPOOOO, =)

Espero les guste y cualquier sugerencia será bienvenida y muy apreciada.
Some time ago i modeled a pill in maya as an exercise, but at the end i didnt knew how to render it, and recently i had the idea of give it back to life, so i added some arms, legs, eyes and mouth, maybe one of these days ill create some enemies and a better composition, i already have them in mind, i just need ... TIIIIME, =)

Hope you like it and any suggestions will be really appreciated.
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Given 2008-07-17
El Gran Capsupil by =droguido is hilariously effective. Such a determined face! I am crazy for this little guy! ( Featured by Bloodredsangre )
txc3d Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
muy buena tio me gusta mucho
DerLicanus Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Pues yo no soy Warner ni creo comprarlo pero me gusta, eso sí!!! suerte con el tiempo!!! :)
droguido Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Jajaja, ya con eso soy feliz, muchas gracias =D
freelifestudio Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow te quedo super bien !! hasta parece salido de una caricatura :) A lo mejor despues lo veremos pronto en un cartoon.
droguido Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Gracias Mr, ojalá, yo ando esperando a que llegue Warner o alguien a comprarme el personaje =P
freelifestudio Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Veras que hay muchas oportunidades :)
Vikingheretic Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
that's damn awesome!
droguido Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Thanks, its been a while and havent done new stuff with him. Hope someday.
Vikingheretic Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
martial arts pill, would love to see some abstractions of headaches having their asses kicked!
Incaoperated Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
Hola , first..well done.. this is brilliant , I'm in a new band and our name is 'MEDZ' 1 of our logos is a red/white pill with the band name written on it...would you mind if I use your picture in connection with our's brilliant and fits our theme.... I would put the link to the original picture into the picture of course...give him a new audience ! here's a link to our music page...


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